The Insights Media Network

Responsible advertising powered by consumers on the open web.

Rulo solves industry challenges, helping marketers

Understand and anticipate changing consumer behavior.

Optimize media to real-time consumer preferences.

Safeguard consumer privacy with consent and adherence.

Privacy-by-design Methodology

Audiences at Scale

CivicScience polls are designed to voluntarily engage respondents in and around relevant content across premium publishers. Poll responses are collected with consent and anonymized into Rulo audiences. 


Daily consumer responses.


Consented respondent profiles.

10+ Years

Historical data and trends.

Omnichannel Activation & Measurement

Rulo creates unique and high-value segments for activation across open web display and video. 

And with it’s two-way dialogue, Rulo reaches audiences after they’ve been exposed to measure media effectiveness and uncover new insights.

Real-time Insights to Action

Rulo’s real-time consumer intelligence provides brands the latest insights into it’s consumer’s attitudes, beliefs and intent to purchase – ensuring superior media optimization to send the right message at the right time to the right audiences.

Responsible Advertising

Built on declared data, preserving value-exchange and trust, Rulo’s Insights Media Network doesn’t rely on third-party cookies or hashed PII – neither should you.

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