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Intelligent Activation


Rulo, a CivicScience company, offers high-quality segments built on proprietary consumer intelligence from declared data, for media activation that preserves trust and value.

The challenges we solve

Changing consumer behavior and brand loyalty requires you to understand real-time preferences.

People are taking control of their privacy and lowering engagement with ad-supporting services.

Businesses must comply with new privacy rules and build back trust in advertising.

Privacy by Design

Our future-proof design:
  • Research methodology drives anonymous collection
  • Purposeful and permission-based consent and adherence
  • Signal management and monetization strategies

Our suite of offerings

Organic segments at scale

Our polls are 100% voluntary and responses are kept anonymous, making our data organic and reliably accurate.

Omnichannel activation

Activate consumer intelligence, across content on premium display channels, with turnkey workflows that deliver superior results.

Real-time insights to action

Our real-time polls provide the latest insights to understand your customers, so you can reach them when they are most engaged and likely to consider your product or service.

Sustainable advertising

Built on declared data, preserving value-exchange and trust, our media network doesn't rely on third-party cookies or hashed PII - neither should you.

How we do it

Premium content

We source our data through partnerships with premium publishers who integrate CivicScience polls to improve on-site engagement and enrich their first-party data.

Real people, real responses

Our methodology drives anonymous collection and doesn't enable response bias with monetary incentives. If consumers trust us, so can you.

Data Integrity

Our segments are built with data provided directly from the consumer with consent. As respondents answer our questions over time we build an anonymous profile. 

Learn more about our privacy policy here.

CivicScience’s research methodology and data quality is validated by leading experts in academia, industry and economics.

For a detailed overview of our methodology, please review our official whitepaper.

Case study


A health care provider was looking to drive adoption for their new virtual health services app and needed campaign targeting strategies that were compliant and actionable.


Rulo built custom segments, leveraging proprietary data on 200M+ respondents regarding their preferences on virtual health visits.


vs. comparable
  • 2x CTR
  • +28% engagement rate
  • +47% conversion rate
  • -35% CPI
  • -13% CPC

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