The Insights Media Network

Privacy-centric advertising powered by the open web.

We help you

  • understand and anticipate changing consumer behavior
  • comply with privacy regulations
  • build trust and engagement
  • optimize media to reach new audiences

Why work with us?

Rulo, a CivicScience company, works with your marketing team to develop high-quality, privacy-compliant segments informed by real-time and permission-based 1P data.

Our privacy-by-design solution

Organic audiences at scale

CivicScience polls are 100% voluntary and responses are kept anonymous, making our data organic and reliably accurate.

So you can be confident reaching the right consumers with the right message.

Omnichannel activation

Reach audiences when they are most engaged and likely to consider your product or service, across open web display and video, with turnkey workflows that deliver superior results!

Real-time insights to action

Our always-on polls provide Rulo the latest insights into your consumer’s attitudes, beliefs and intent to purchase in real-time. 

So you never have to guess.

Sustainable advertising

Built on declared data, preserving value-exchange and trust, Rulo’s Insights Media Network doesn’t rely on 3P cookies or hashed PII – neither should you.

Case studies

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